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Ghanaian salad
Seafood salad
Spam salad – contain pork
Crudité selection
Potato salad
Deli-style coleslaw
Normal coleslaw
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Greek salad
Crunch apple slaw
Shredded kale and cranberry salad
Caesar salad
Macaroni cheese 


Fried Tilapia
Roasted tilapia
Full Garnished salmon
Fried snappers
Fried mackerel
Fried prawns
Roasted prawns
Boiled prawns with vegetable
Fried sea bass
Fried bream
Fried Crocker
Boiled lobster
Fried scallops
Fried or roasted octopus
Boiled mussel
Fried red fish
Fried Anchovies
Fried sardines



Steak kebab
Goat kebab
Lamb kebab
Beef kebab
Dry fried beef
Sichuan shredded fried beef
Sichuan shredded fried Goat
Sichuan shredded fried lamb
Dry fried steak
Dry fried goat
Dry fried lamb
Vail in vegetable
Beef in black beans sauce
Beef in tomatoes sauce
Lamb in tomatoes sauce
Roasted pork
Fried Hoisin pork
Barbeque pork ribs 



Partridge (smaller than a pheasant and serves one. Very juicy)
Grouse (grouse have a very strong and distinctive flavour)
Pheasant (season bird, July-August. Has a dryish texture like Turkey)
Woodcock (available Nov-Feb. the most after sought bird, rich, delicious flavour)
Guinea Fowl (the flesh is moister than either a chicken or pheasant with a gamier flavour)
Quail (small bird but succulent, serves 1 person)
Spicy fried Turkey wings
Spicy fried Turkey legs
Crispy fried Chicken wings
Barbecue chicken wings
Roasted full chicken thighs
Roasted chicken legs
Fried chicken legs
Spicy Fried boiler (hard) chicken
Sichuan shredded fried chicken breast
Chicken breast in black beans sauceound color. 


Main Course

Jollof rice
Sandwich Platters:( Tuna, Egg, Ham, Canned beef, Cheese)-Choose from white or brown bread
Biriyani rice (Indian rice, cooked with long green rice and flavoured with exotics spice)
Waakye/rice and peas (served with assorted meat in spicy tomatoes sauce
Singapore noodles: (spicy fried noodles – contains pork)
Singapore vermicelli – spicy fried tiny noodle- contains pork
Banku- (cooked by a proportionate mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water into a whitish consistence paste)
kenkey/Nkran dokono- (fermented corn dough cooked in corn husks
D3hu/Tuo Zaafi: (served with Ayoyo soup with assorted meat
Fried yam
Fried plantain
Red-red - boiled black eye beans served with palm oil and gari
Angwa moo- (oil rice) wild fragrance rice cooked in fried onions
Attieke – made from cassava
Apapransa – made with roasted corn flour cooked in palm nut soup with dryfish/crab /both
Nuhu (asaro/yam porridge)
Fried rice
Fruity couscous


our selections of freshly prepared home made drinks

Asaana drink (cornmeal drink)

Sobolo (Hibiscus Drink)

Ginger drink (Emudro)



 Corn Cake

Lemon cake
Chocolate cake
Velvet cake
Classic macaroons
Fruit cake
Mini fruit tartlets
Cheesecake bites
Mini fruit jellies
Mini cupcakes
Fruit trifle
Fruit cocktail


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